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Creating a Shipment

A quick walkthrough on how to create a shipment

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When you are shipping something of high value or something that needs to be monitored, creating a shipment helps you put parameters around the tracker, increasing your visibility into the thing you are tracking.

With our shipments feature, you can track a specific shipment with a tracker, get notifications when it starts and finishes, and give access to customers, or others who need to monitor the shipment, without creating an account or providing access to a device or the platform.

Step 1: Click on the "Shipments" tab

Step 2: Click on "New Shipment" in the top right corner

Step 3: Fill out the info for the shipment

Step 4: Once all info is filled in you will click "Save"

Step 5: Once saved, you can click on the shipment and use the link to share it with anyone needed.

What's next?
Learn how to send commands to your trackers. This will enable you to change the reporting frequency of specific tracks and other helpful adjustments to how your tracker is performing.

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