How to name a tracker

See how easy it is to name a tracker and understand some best practices for creating a system your whole team can follow.

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The more trackers you have on your account, the harder it becomes to find the one you are looking for. That's why assigning your trackers a name will allow you and others to easily search and identify the tracker they are trying to view.

Our platform makes it easy to select a tracker, edit the name, and search for trackers from the universal search bar on the home screen. Follow the steps below to start naming your trackers and making it easy for you and your team to find what they're looking for.

Adding a name to a tracker step by step:

Step 1:

Select a tracker from the main list by clicking on it with your mouse.

Step 2:

Click on the edit button (pencil icon) within the Info section.

Step 3:

Type your name into the text box and click the checkbox to finish.

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