How to create a Geofence

Learn how to create a geofence and what geofences can do to alert you of critical tracker movements.

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One of the more advanced (and often underutilized) features of a GPS tracking system is the ability to create geofences with triggered alerts.

What are geofence alerts?

Geofences are designated areas that you can define on a map. They can be a certain radius around a single point or any shape you create from several points. You might create geofences around shipment locations, customer sites, your own office campus, or any other area you want to monitor. Triggered alerts allow you to monitor activity more passively. Rather than constantly watching the real-time map, you can just get alerted whenever a geofence is crossed.

How to create a geofence step-by-step:

Step 1:

From the Geofences tab, click on the "New Geofence" button located above the map.

Step 2:

Give your geofence a name.

Step 3:

To define the location of your Geofence, you can either type in an address and edit the boundary from there, or you can zoom in on the map and draw your geofence.

Option 1 - Type in an address and refine from there.

Option 2 - Zoom in on a location and draw your geofence from scratch.

Step 4:

Choose whether or not you want to be alerted when a tracker enters or exits a geofence and hit the save button.

What's next?

How to use tracker alerts to be informed the moment something important happens with your tracker.

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