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How to change the date/data range of a tracker
How to change the date/data range of a tracker

Learn how to change the date range of the data you are viewing on the map for a particular tracker.

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Depending on how often you have your trackers set to send a location report will mean that you have a lot of historical data points around where your tracker has been. Sometimes it's also essential to look at what routes and locations your tracker was at during a specific time period. Looking back at this data is simple and can be accomplished in just a few steps from the individual tracker view.

Change a date range for a tracker step by step:

Step 1:

Select a tracker from the main list by clicking on it with your mouse.

Step 2:

Click on the calendar button located on top of the map.

Step 3:

Select the date range and times you want to see the data from.

What's next?

Learn about the basics of how to create a geofence and how you can leverage it to get critical alerts and other information about your tracker's location.

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